Senescence, cancer, regeneration:
We are coming for you—⁠just like everyone else, only differently.

Qualus Research is a young Chilean R&D company whose mission is to make significant strides in the scientific understanding of senescence, age‑related cancer, and regeneration. We intend to accomplish this mission by conducting research in theoretical biology and experimental testing in model organisms.

Love for science

We remember great scientific breakthroughs because of the impact they had on our understanding of the world and on our society and culture. We usually do not remember where these findings were published or their impact factors, nor should we. Ultimately, we believe journal names and impact factors—⁠and all the other meaningless, silly stuff⁠—matter by themselves only when the scientific research does not. We aim to do scientific research that matters.


We believe big strides can be made in developing countries regarding theoretically rich yet highly applicable research on senescence, cancer, and regeneration. And no, we do not need help from dubious extraterrestrial intelligences: just like the Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas we have our own, thanks.


Among our research interests, the prospect of achieving negligible senescence would entail deep and far‑reaching societal changes. A roadmap for making negligible senescence available to everyone as soon as possible—⁠as opposed to keeping it reserved for a privileged few⁠—is of the utmost importance to us. Accordingly, such a roadmap will be a sine qua non condition for anyone willing to do business with us.


We belong to a new breed of Chilean entrepreneurs from middle⁠‑ and working‑class backgrounds. Grateful for the cards we were dealt in a place where good cards are scarce, we are committed to contributing to the development of our country and the well‑being of its people—⁠in truth, we believe these to be one and the same end. And we want to contribute in an honest and impactful way. Stay tuned!

Technologies developed by Qualus Research

• Slowing down or preventing senescence—AKA biological aging—by using artificial‑sequence proteins and/or their respective encoding artificial‑sequence nucleic acids. (Patent pending)

• A second, pharmacological invention also for the slowdown or prevention of biological aging. (Patent pending)

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our research, or you are willing to do business with Qualus Research, please feel free to contact us: